Our Philosophy

Nature is Amazing

Throughout the history of the world, humans have 
found plants and minerals that meet specific needs such as cleansing, moisturizing, healing, and nourishing their bodies. For some reason, we've decided that these wonderful materials are not good enough and we've begun adding synthesized fragrance, foam enhancers, preservatives, and chemicals to speed the absorption of topical products. These additives are not only unnecessary, in some cases they're toxic and harmful to our bodies. 

At Benevolent Sun Botanicals, we commit to using only the highest quality raw, natural materials in all of our products. That's why you won't find every scent available in our soaps, balms, and butters. Since we use only essential oils to flavor and scent our products, some fragrances are not available in a natural, unsynthesized state.  The raw materials we use are organic and fair trade, when possible. 


We believe that nature provides so many wonderful sources for body care and we're committed to inspiring you to seek out all that nature has to offer.

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